Буронабивные сваи по технологии CFA
Drilling with Continuous Flight Auger (CFA)
Significant increase of drilling performance can be reached when using a continuous flight auger which is installed in one continuous pass:
The soil which is loosened at the auger tip is conveyed to the surface by the auger flight.
Borehole wall is supported by the auger filled with drill spoil.
Use of a crowd winch facilitates penetration 
into hard soil formations.
Attaching a kelly extension increases the 
Pile is concreted through hollow stem by means of concrete pump.
Concrete is pumped by a concrete pump 
through the hollow stem of the auger while extracting the auger. Concrete feed pressure 
can be measured at the tip of the continuous flight auger.
Diameters 500 - 1200 mm
Drilling depth 10 - 28 m
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