Башенные краны Flat Top PT5510,PT7023,PT7528
Башенные краны  Flat Top PT5510,PT7023,PT7528
Башенные краны Flat Top PT5510,PT7023,PT7528
Fangyuan Group began production of tower crane in 1986 and has been committed to the research of various kinds of tower crane for years. With the safe, advanced and ergonomic design concept, excellent manufacturing technology, stringent quality control and thoughtful services, the TC and PT series of tower cranes are widely used in the construction work of various projects.
The flat top tower crane is more and more popular among customers with its beautiful appearance and quick and safe disassembly, and its application range is also expanded constantly. The PT series product is the new product with domestically advanced level and capability of international market competition, and the main models  are 6t-18t.
1. The lifting boom and balance boom adopt cantilever boom structure, which reduces the hoisting modular and makes it more safe, convenient and flexible to install and uninstall, and reduces the requirements for hoisting equipment and the site.
2. Multiple special mounting brackets are available, which saves the installation time and ensures safe and quality installation.
3. The lifting boom adopts cantilever boom structure and variable cross-section materials, featuring more reasonable structural stress and long service life; and it is easier to make different combination of boom length. 
4. It adopts standard sections (for models of over 12t) of piece assembly structure, split structure stock, and assembled platform, which meet the transport requirements for standard container.
5. The extra-long boom is designed with a rope-supporting trolley, and the speed of which is 1/2 of that of the luffing trolley, which can achieve the most optimum rope-supporting effect. The structure has applied for national patent.
6. The lifting mechanism adopts speed regulation by frequency control or by eddy current brake series resistance, featuring good lifting performance; The slewing system adopts frequency control by torque electric motor or by coil winding type electric motor with hydraulic coupler, featuring smooth operation and small slewing impact.
7. All kinds of safety devices are reliable and easy to adjust; both the safety monitoring control system and traditional safety system are available, the double system ensures safety operation of the tower crane; the hydraulic system adopts low/medium pressure design, featuring higher safety and reliability.

Max.lifting capacity & work range
Max.work range & lifting capacity
Max.independent lifting heightm
Lifting capacityt
Work rangem
Work rangem
Lifting capacityt
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