Diaphragm Wall Hydraulic Grab
Diaphragm Wall Grab is a highly efficient, high-quality deep foundation construction equipment which is widely used in foundation construction of high-rise buildings of the city, the subway, basement, sewage treatment plant, protective wall, oil and gas underground storage tank, dams and retaining walls, cut-off wall, bridge and culvert foundation, foundation square piles and so on.
Performance Characteristics of Diaphragm Wall Grab:
1) Both the special undercarriage and the super large slewing support provide support for the grab construction.
2) Double winch and single row rope construction extend the life-span of the steel rope, reduce the use cost.
3) Equipped with advanced inclinometer, which can provide the grab adjustment and fall down protection function, it can record and memory the locus grab, and draw the wall curve. This can effectively guarantee the wall precision.
4) Equipped with Cummins electronic control engineer (Tier 3), high efficiency, low noise, and low emission.
5) The hydraulic system and parts are imported from world famous company, like Rexroth, which have high reliability and powerful performance.
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