Hydraulic Core Drill rig
 Hydraulic Core Drill rig XCMG XDY

XDY hydraulic driven drillers are specially designed for the general investigation and exploration of minerals which need coring operation, and it is application to a great variety of high efficiency drilling process such as diamond rope sampling. These equipment are powered by hydraulic system, and they have a lot of merits like easy operation and convenient transport. These equipment can be widely used in the exploring of mining, nonferrous, chemical industry, coal field and nuclear industry.

1. The CUMMINS high-power engine is powerful and forceful which can satisfy the construction requirement in bad conditions;

2. These drills are adopted the advanced control technique includes load sensitive control electro-hydraulic proportion control, and the usage of the import hydraulic parts can make the system work stably and ensure the quality;

3. The machine adopts single row rope for main winch to figure out the wear of steal rope, and extend the lifespan;

4. With the cylinder used for the pull-down of the rotary drive, the system works smoothly and steadily;

5. Electromechanical-hydraulic jointly control method is adapted for the rotary drive, stepless speed regulation. Reasonable torsion-speed rate can meet the construction of varying layer;

6. Home-made undercarriage steel apron wheelthe moving of the machine is controlled by the line which is convenient and safe;

7Adapting safe operation control system can avoid misoperation and make the manipulation more convenient and security;

8Adapting independent energy conservation and environment protection oil cooler can make the hydraulic system more adaptive in complicated surroundings.

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