Sistema de recicl da lama
Sistema de mistura
The Mud Recycling System (desander) is mainly used to purify and recycle the mud in the construction of such projects as cast-in-situ bored pile, underground continuous wall, Horizontal Directional Drilling(non-dig), mud-water shield tunnel, etc. Especially in the construction of mud-water shield tunnel, it could serve as a substitute for imported equipment to solve the problem of mud cleaning and recycling efficiently. Through continuous technology innovation, its MP series Mud Recycling System (desander) has reached international advanced level.
The equipment is increasingly becoming a necessity of civilized construction since it not only can cut down construction cost, but also can reduce the pollution of the environment. It can provede you with main advantages as following:
  • By fully purifying surry,it is favorable to control slurry index,reduce drill stucking phemonena, and improve drilling quality.
  • By thoroughly separating the slag and soil, it is favorable to enhance drilling efficiency.
  • By realizing the repetition use of slurry, it can save slurry making materials and thus reduce the construction cost.
  • By adopting the technique of close-cycle purification and low water content of removed slag, it is favorable to reduce environmental pollution.
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