Roadheader EBZ320 XCMG
Roadheader EBZ320 XCMG
Roadheader EBZ320 XCMG
Roadheader EBZ320The machine has large power; with optimally designed compact structure, it is sturdy and durable and highly reliable.
It has high capability of cutting and breaking rocks, and low cutting vibration.
With ergonomically designed control handle, it can achieve the optimal cutting path.
It is equipped with dust removal fan system, which improves the dust removal effect.
The rear of the cutting mechanism adopts closed design, featuring good dustproof.
The pilot controlled hydraulic system features constant power and high load sensing capability.
It can make good cutting section of large area, featuring high productivity.
Powerful Cutting Capacity
Adopt the cutting head manufactured by international top-grade technology, which has characteristics as large force of designed single cutter, reasonable layout of cutting teeth and powerful coalbed cutting capacity. The high-inertia assures the small fluctuation of load and small cutting head may increase cutting force. Maximum improves the cutter force, reduce the vibration as machine’s operation and decreases the abrasion of cutter and tooth adapter. Take special cutting bit in rock drift driving, which can improve its abrasion strength.
The power of cutting motor reaches 320 kW with big cutting torque.
At the grow-up geology condition, the machine may economically cut the 90 Mpa overall rock section, whose maximum located cutting section and cutting hardness may respectively reach 39.9 m2 and 120 Mpa, which is currently the rock roadheader with the maximum cutting power at home.
Add force-adjusted horizontal supporting. EBZ320 type rock roadheader is innovatively designed with the shrinkage type oil cylinder being capable to reach the guard and with the same width up to machine body. Meanwhile, the pressure can be adjusted, being equivalent to the increased 40 tons on the machine body, which effectively reinforces the stability during the machine is working.
The machine is with small specific pressure of earthing, which adapts to various bottom plates. The specific pressure of earthing for 0.19 Mpa may adapt to soft bottom plate.
Good Effect on Dust Removal
The machine is with perfect characteristics as dustproof, i.e. operator needs not to wear breathing mask, convenient operation and not directly frontal drainage. As measured, the dust content in high hardness sandstone roadway may reach 1000 mg/m3 when cutting the rock. EBZ320 hard rock roadheader is equipped with high efficient dust removing system with patent design, which sufficiently makes use of the feature on one-end tunnel, is reasonably equipped with mounted dust removing system with high efficiency and long pressure and short drawing in accordance with the size of section area and the wind volume. The total dust removing efficiency for dust removal method with little water bathing may reach more than 95%, thus the dust can be fully suppressed within the 2 or 3 meters scope.
High Efficiency Loading
Rock loaded is easy to be blocked in shovel and first conveyor, which is the difficult problem restricting headway. The first conveyor of EBZ320 hard rock roadheader adopts double high torque drive motor and the shovel unit adopts the special anti-block material design which both make material transportation be continuous and clear and shorten the blocks removal time.

Power of cutting motor
320 Kw
Power of fuel pump motor
210 Kw
Cutting hardness
Cutting range
Height: 5.7 m
Width: 7.0 m
Area:39.9 m2
Machine weight
113 t
Dimension (LXWXH)
12.63X3.6X2.13 m
Size of Max undisassembly part (LXWXH)
2.8X1.4X1.6 m
Weight of Max undisassembly part
8800 Kg
Rotary speed of cutter head
31 r/min
Loading capacity
4.3 m³/min
Speed of driving unit
06.5 m/min
Gantry height
400 mm
Required underground water-supply pressure
Outside≥1.5 MPa
Inside≥3.0 MPa
Ground pressure
0.19 MPa
Dinting depth
Ground clearance
Supply voltage
50 Hz
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