Equipamentos de Perfuração Direcional DDW600A
Equipamentos de Perfuração Direcional DDW600A
Equipamentos de Perfuração Direcional DDW600A
  This Equipamentos de Perfuração Direcional DDW600 is equipped by the steel system caterpillar band chassis.  It also adapts advanced electro-hydraulics proportional to the negative feedback control system, control room with double temperature, which is comfortable and convenient. So it is operated safely and reliable. The main hydraulic control of the rotation of drill head and the gear-rack thrust is close system. Two stalls variable speed make it work in high efficiency. Furthermore, the assisted crane of 3.2tons makes its drill pipe handling more convenient, fast and efficient.

ITEM Parameter
Engine power 239/2200
Thrust/Pulling force 600/600
Maximum spindle torque  25000
Spindle rotation speed 050100
Carriage travel length 0.3
Specification on Drill rod φ102*6000
Drill Bit Diameter  φ160
Total length of drilling rod 800
Back Reamers 305mm 1060mm 
Range of drill angle 10°—18°
Power of pump station 85
Maximum flow of mud pump 500/10
Mud mixing tank  5
SizeL*W*Hm 11.3*2.6*3.3
Weight  28

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