Mini carregadeiras JC75
Mini carregadeiras JC75
Mini carregadeiras JC75

Model JC75
Rated operatingcapacity(kg) 1050
Tipping load(kg) 2100
Bucket capacity(m3) 0.55
Operationg weight(kg) 3500
Max. travel speed(km/h) 12
Hydraulic pump flow(L/min) 75/125
Fuel tank capacity(L) 90
Tires 12-16-15 NHS
Overall dimensions(mm) 3560*1900*2050
Height at maximum extension(mm) 4070
Height to bucket hinge pin(mm) 3150
Width with bucket(mm) 1900
Track width(mm) 1500
Wheelbase(mm) 1185
Ground clearance(mm) 200
Dump angle 40°
Dumping height(mm) 2450
Maximum reach(mm) 710
Maker/Model LOVOL 1004-4
Net power 75hp/2400rpm
Displacement(L) 3.9
Standard Equipment  
Open-type operator cab Open-type operator cab
Hand control system(Mechanical type) Hand control system(Mechanical type)
Standard bucket Standard bucket
Auxiliary hydraulic couplers Auxiliary hydraulic couplers
Option Enclosed operator cab with A/C
Cab fitted with a heater as standard
Hydraulic joystick controls
Backhoe,Breaker,Angle blade,Auger,Sweeper,Pallet fork,Combinition bucket,Mower,Asphalt cutter,and More
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